Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rad animal behaviors in the news [Links]

This week's links are dedicated to Paul, the psychic octopus, who died last week.

Scicurious explains how a parasite can turn rats into cat-loving zombies.

How butterfly fish use their swim bladder to croak like a frog

Read The Curious Case of Dogs, especially the part about how feral dogs in Russia have learned to ride the subway.

Someone photographed an epic battle between a spider and a millipede.

Ed Yong had a bunch of awesome links posted this week, here I have stolen five cool ones regarding animal behavior:

The Thoughtful Animal covers robot lizard push-ups

Humans are animals too! Neuroanthropology discusses how cooking contributed to human evolution.

King cobras at the NYTimes.

And here are some more awesome stories I have read recently, copied and pasted straight from my bookmarks menu:

Wine-scented flower draws in fruit flies with yeasty tones | Not Exactly Rocket Science | Discover Magazine

Study: A “Pessimistic” Dog Is More Likely to Destroy Your Slippers | 80beats | Discover Magazine

Wolf Nannies Shorten Sex Lives of Male Pups | Wired Science |

Evolutionary arms race turns ants into babysitters for Alcon blue butterflies | Not Exactly Rocket Science | Discover Magazine

Untitled Vanity Project: Scientists Create Fearless Zebra Fish

Forget Elephants; Sea Lions Never Forget! : The Thoughtful Animal


  1. Bears eating corpses? AWESOME. (Not really awesome, actually, at all.) Why are all the cool animals in Russia?

    PS - If you add the option to comment with Name/URL, it will make it MUCH easier.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Jason, I hadn't even realized :P

    Settings are changed- now anyone can comment!

  3. As for the Russian bears, I like to think its revenge for f-ed up stuff like this