Monday, October 4, 2010

Cool animal behaviors in the news! [Links]

BFFs of the week. Image

Here are some sweet animal behavior stories that I have found in the last month or so!

Orangutan with a pet dog? Momma cat adopts a squirrel? SUPER CUTE videos of interspecies BFF's at Wired.

The sea walnut (jellyfish) sucks in prey without them knowing it. With video.

Female snails change the way they smell, male snails become confused.

Tool use in dolphins! New Scientist calles him "William the Concherer"

This is a cool example of how copying can be advantageous or not depending on the situation, but mostly I just love the title. When Male Stickleback Fish Refuse to Ask for Directions

Here is another interspecies BFF, the ant and the acacia tree

The farmed foxes experiment will never get old. Tame foxes help answer the question did dogs gain their social intelligence by accident?


  1. Awesome bunch of links, it will take me a while to get through them, but you didn't link the bat thing that won the Ig Noble!

    The feed fox made me smile btw.


  2. Oh thanks for reminding me about the bat thing! I actually have video evidence that it happens in other bats too....will post.