Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crazy Animal Photo of the Month

WTF, right?

I scanned this photo from a 1963 book called "The Fishes" from Time/Life's Nature Library series. Apparently the hoods on the fish block their lateral line, so they no longer swim away when someone sticks their hand in the tank. But I think it is more likely that their loss of reflex is due to excessive brainwashing by the Hooded Fish Cult.

I wanted to find a scientific paper to go with this image, but a web search of the supposed researcher "Dr. Theodore Walker" yielded few results related to this particular picture of the hooded fish cult.


  1. Somewhere there is a man with a PhD who, in his grad school days, was forced to make a bunch of little hoods for fish . . .

  2. LOL Rhaco, you always have the best comments (on this blog and many others). If I could I would give you a giant trophy for outstanding blog commenter of all time.